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ANNOUNCING a 6-wk online class in shamanism starting 1st wk of April 2017 'Steal Away Home: A Spiritual Pilgrimage of Beauty, Resistance, and Freedom'


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[This weekly online class begins the first week of April, the specific day and time to be scheduled around participants.  Contact Anna to register!]

As sunlight is only half of nature's daily gift to the planet, so too lives lived only in the light are lives half-lived. These times are dark-and full of promise.

This moment is very much in keeping with our collective yearning and prayer for greater freedom and joy. The time is ripe. Now is our chance to make a break for it and steal away home.

Joseph Campbell once said, "If you want to change the world, you have to change the metaphor." The promise of shamanism lay in how surprising, how iconoclastic, how unexpected the messages and images are from the spirit world.Shamanism can help us accomplish that.

What I teach is the practice of lunar shamanism. We need folks who are ready to tear up their maps, jump into the unknown, and learn whatever they can outside of the narrow vision of "reality" that we have inherited.

As shamanic practitioners on the lunar path, my task and yours is to burn down the house that imprisons and blinds and binds us.

The lunar path is almost universally misunderstood and feared, a pathway long reviled and demonized. There is much unlearning to do. As a consequence, a lot of the material in this class seeks to flip the images, create cracks in the foundation of our fearful and superstitious mental constructs, and point us toward practices and experiments in cultivating greater inner freedom.

As peasants and slaves once met at night after a long day's work to sing, dance, and connect to spirit, so too our work will be hidden, done with the available scraps of time, an underground effort to steal away home even as we go on with the business of daily life in the world.

Liberation is a step-by-step process. There are no quick fixes or gimmicks. The way home can be hard to find after years of overgrowth and neglect, but no matter. The sooner one sets off, the sooner one arrives.

It helps to have a guide to point out signposts along the way, lest you grow discouraged and turn back. It helps to have others accompany you on the path until you begin to blaze your own.

And because our destination is shaped by the journey, it is vital to have fun on the way. 

For a more complete discussion of this course, see

What you get

  • First week is free. Sign up, check it out, see if it works for you.
  • Written class materials sent to you by email to read, reflect upon, and act on.
  • Hour-long weekly class discussion via BlueJeans videoconferencing (schedule TBD with the input of participants).
  • You will learn how to go on a shamanic journey or deepen your practice in this class. Each week you will have an opportunity to participate in a "vitual" group shamanic journey.
  • A private Facebook group to facilitate conversation and sharing outside of class and deepen the 6-week journey experience.
  • Preparation to take a pilgrimage to a "holy place" of your own choosing in your local area (more on this in the class).

What we'll learn

  • Reclaiming the legacy of the night and darkness (as taught by Harriet Tubman, honeybee colonies, women seers though history, and shamanic journeys)
  • Pilgrimage (ancient lessons repurposed for today's world, the homeless and inmate as wise ones, preparing and taking a pilgrimage to a "holy place" in your area)
  • The violence of light (Hiroshima, nature, and prisons)
  • Colony Collapse (honeybees, inward vs. outward orientation to life, media diet)
  • Practices: Lectio Divina (sacred reading) with life, listening to nature, literacy without words, interpreting dreams and happenings of daily life.
  • Questions along the way such as: What am I going to be when I grow up? What about money? Help! I'm exhausted. Any and all can be topics for our weekly group journeys.

What you'll bring to the table

  • Your wisdom, your struggles, your questions, a desire to learn, and most importantly, yourself.
  • A commitment to carve out an average of 30 minutes a day, including an hour a week for the online discussion, and time for a 15 minute "group" journey on a shared intention.
  • $20/week for the final 5 weeks of the class, payable in advance or in installments during the course.
  • If you wish to participate, but cannot pay the full price, contact me.

What now?

  • Interested? Contact me at aalkin07 at gmail dot com
  • Spread the word among your friends, near or far, so you might participate together.
  • If you're on the fence, not sure if you have the time, can't figure out what the heck this experience is going to be like, etc, sign up anyway. The first week of class will help you decide if this is a fit for you.  It's a free gift. Nothing to lose. Steal away home, baby!

Monday, 03 April, 2017


Anna M Alkin

Phone: 5416876747
Website: Click to Visit


First class free, $100 for 5 classes

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