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Conscious Nutrition & Holistic Health Series - EUGENE

Everyday People Yoga

352 W. 12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

Join us as we welcome in a fresh start to the New Year with this exciting 8-week series on Conscious Nutrition and Holistic Health.
Each Sunday starting January 8th for 8 weeks, we will welcome a different teacher to share their knowledge on a particular topic in regards to holistic health. Classes will run from 1:30-3:00pm and the exchange will vary based on the class. Join for one or several classes. No pre-register necessary.
We welcome you to partake in this powerful series to shift your perspective on holistic health for the mind, body and spirit. Allow the opportunity to unfold which will reawaken your own understanding of health and learn tools to empower yourself to take your well-being into your own hands.
Sunday Jan. 8th:
Elevate your Plate - Food combining 101
Come learn about the importance of optimizing nutrient absorption and proper digestion with a deeper nderstanding of the importance of food combining.
Exchange - $15
Class taught for Food Enthusiast Nathan Woods
Sunday Jan. 15th:
Ayurvedic Nutrition: The Science of the 6 tastes
Gain deeper insight into the value of Ayurvedic nutrition, the sister science to Yoga.
Class taught by Ayurvedic Practitioner John Yochanan Russell
$10-$15 sliding scale exchange.
Sunday Jan. 22nd:
Healing the Body with Optimum Fats
The subject of fats, which fats will keep you healthy, vibrant and youthful with optimum brain function versus the fats that lead to sickness, lead to brain fog, obesity and contribute to a diverse
array of other health problems is such an important area of research. In this presentation you'll learn details about Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), the fats which are required in your diet for optimum health because your body simply can't produce them. You'll learn some surprising information about long chain versus short chain Omega fatty acids that likely. contradicts the simplified information promoted by nutritional supplement companies.
Exchange: $10 suggested donation
Class taught by Founder of Future Tech Today Joshua Parker
Sunday Jan. 29th:
Nourishing the body and spirit with Herbs
In this class we will learn why it is important to use herbs for nutrition and how to do so safely. We learn how herbs not only provide us with nutrition, but can also connect us deeper to spirit. We will learn some foundations of how we can form relationships with plants and why this is important for not only our bodily health, but the health of our spirit and the plant spirits we are working with. Is it it possible to deepen our spiritual practice with the help of plant allies?
• We will learn how to make nourishing herbal infusion at home…
• We will taste herbal infusions and have an infusion bar set up…
• We will identify plants through pictures and pass around herbs to touch , smell and experience
• We will make an herbal vinegar and learn ways to use herbal vinegars. What are their nutritional and healing potentials?
• We will talk about preventative medicine...
• We will connect with plant spirits. What is a green ally?
Exchange: $10-$15 sliding scale.
Class taught by Herbalist Rebecca Rozelle
Sunday Feb. 5th:
Intro to Raw & Fermented Foods, Probiotics & Juicing
This class will allow health seekers to deepen their understanding of the vital importance of a nutrient dense diet not only for optimum physical health, but also for mental clarity, emotional balance and deepening connection to spirit. Creating a clean vessel is the starting step to taking your holistic health to the next level.
Exchange: $10
Class taught by Registered Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach student Jackie Lila Moon
Sunday Feb. 12th:
Eating for Beauty & Hormonal Health - 5 ways to take your diet to the Next Level
Exchange: $10-$15 sliding scale
Class taught by Dana LaVoie Masters level Acupuncturist & Herbalist
Sunday Feb. 19th:
Natural Healing for Thyroid Health
Do you suffer from symptoms such as chronic fatigue, hair loss, stubborn weight gain, cold hands and feet, dry hair and dry skin, brain fog, no or thinning outer eyebrows, depression or anxiety, heart palpitations, brittle finger nails, osteoporosis, joint pain, miscarriages, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or swelling in the neck? If so, you could have thyroid disease. Thyroid disease is one of the most under-diagnosed and under-
served diseases, with over half of all cases going either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Join Jenny Noland to learn more about thyroid health - including how to perform a thyroid self-exam, early detection, thyroid lab testing and how to manage thyroid disease effectively through natural healing protocols including lifestyle interventions.
Exchange: $25
Class taught by functional nutritionist, board certified holistic health practitioner, Hashimoto's Institute Practitioner, and certified integrative nutrition health Jenny Noland
Sunday Feb. 26th:
Holistic Health with Essential Oils
This class will give deeper insight into the powerful medicine of plant healers and the many uses of essential oils for vital holistic health.
Exchange: $10-$15 sliding scale
Class taught by certified Aromatherapist Rachel London

Sunday, 26 February, 2017

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